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20 Good Reasons For Choosing Turfgrass Artificial Grass

20 good reasons for choosing Turfgrass artificial grass

If you are considering artificial grass or natural, this article might interest you. You will not believe all the advantages that Turfgrass artificial grass offers!

You may also be among those who believe that natural grass is cheaper, prettier or more eco-friendly than artificial grass. Keep reading because you might just change your mind.

Let’s find out 20 good reasons to choose Turfgrass artificial grass instead of natural!

1. Save water

Turfgrass artificial grass does not need watering, so it will enable you to save a lot of water during the year, unlike natural grass that needs to be watered regularly.

2. Minimal maintenance

Once installed, Turfgrass artificial grass does not need any attention. It will still look spectacular even if you forget about it.

3. Natural or artificial grass, which is cheaper?

Turfgrass artificial grass is cheaper than the natural. An average 50m2 artificial grass garden pays itself off in only 3 years. After that, it is cheaper than natural grass.

4. Artificial turf gives you more free time than natural.

Have you already thought about what will you do with all the free time you will have when you install Turfgrass artificial grass? There is no need to water it, cut it or fertilize it. You just have to enjoy it!

5. It can be installed on almost any surface

Gardens, balconies, terraces, patios, roofs … on tiles, soil or cement … just tell us where you want it.

6. Always green

What if it rains? Your Turfgrass artificial grass will stay as green and lush as it was on the very first day. What if it is hot and the plants are wilting? It will still stay green. And what if it snows? It still remains green under the white snow cover.

7. Pets love it

What is there not to love? Whether you have a dog, a cat or a rabbit they all love the softness, fluffiness and pleasant touch that Turfgrass artificial grass provides.

Do you want more information on this topic? Here is an entire article about why Turfgrass artificial turf is ideal for pets.

8. Made in Europe

Turfgrass artificial grass is manufactured, designed, conceived and produced in Europe. We control the entire production process, from fibre extrusion to distribution. That translates into peace of mind for you, knowing that the product you have chosen is backed by European laws and meets its quality standards.

9. Best flooring around swimming pools

Turfgrass is an anti-slip artificial grass that does not attract puddles and does not deteriorate with chlorine. These are just some of the advantages of installing our artificial turf instead of natural around swimming pools. Discover them all here.

10. Polyurethane finished

The finish of our artificial grass consists of a homogeneous polyurethane coating, which guarantees the perfect seal for high-end artificial turf. Our polyurethane finish guarantees a high-quality product with a longer life span than you tend to get with Chinese products.

11. Super-easy to clean

Are you concerned about cleaning your artificial turf? It is very simple: just sweep or vacuum it to remove the dried leaves, hair and any organic residue.
You can also clean it with a hose and leave it as lush as the day you installed it.

12. Perfect for children

Turfgrass artificial grass is perfectly suitable for children. It is safe, does not contain lead or toxins and feels very soft and pleasant. What is more, it has a shock-absorbent effect that is handy when your children are learning to walk and falling over a lot. It is much fluffier than tiles, for example.

13. Ecological

Turfgrass artificial grass in comparison with the natural grass,In addition to not needing water, pesticides or mowing machines that run on gasoline, Turfgrass artificial turf does not emit CO2 and all its components are recyclable. Believe it or not, it is a greener option than natural grass.

According to a study by the University of California (USA), published in the journal American Geophysical Union, the maintenance tasks required by the lawn emit more greenhouse gases than the grass stores, which means that having natural grass in your garden is not a very ecological option. (Source:

14. Turfgrass is a high-end innovative artificial grass

When choosing artificial grass, it is important to investigate the options and be sure to make a good choice: it is a significant investment, after all. Turfgrass artificial grass deals with all its own manufacturing operations, the supply of raw materials and distribution, which means that it can focus on quality and be 100% innovative.

15. Tremendously realistic

If you are one of those people who think that artificial turf looks unrealistic, you should probably order a few samples of Turfgrass artificial grass and see for yourself.

All our products are incredibly realistic. Our continuous process of innovation has enabled us to create Bloom, a game-changer in the artificial turf market. It is the first product with four different pile heights. Meet Bloom and fall in love.

16. Does not get waterlogged

If you have a natural lawn garden you know the horrible feeling of puddles after a rainy day. When you walk across the garden your feet get muddy and then you get dirt all over the house. Turfgrass artificial grass has excellent drainage so puddles will not form even if it rains a lot. What is more, it does not contain soil so your feet and your house will be kept clean.

17. Long lifespan

If it is a good-quality product and taken care of, artificial turf can last for up to 15 years!

18. Does not fade or turn yellow

Our Turfgrass artificial grass comes with guarantee against UV light. This assures you that it will stay green and keep looking healthy.

19. Great resilience

Resilience means the ability of fibres to spring upright again after being stepped on or after putting something on them, such as a piece of furniture.
Turfgrass artificial grass is resilient and able to cope with frequent use so you can enjoy it to the full.

20. Your neighbours will envy you

If you go for Turfgrass artificial grass, your garden will always look perfect, you will have more time for yourself and you can be the perfect host. What neighbour in their right mind would not be envious of you?

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