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5 Reasons To Bet On Artificial Grass To Brighten Up Your Balcony Or Terrace

5 reasons to bet on artificial grass to brighten up your balcony or terrace

Artificial grass is an excellent choice for decorating and dressing up both large spaces and smaller areas. Nowadays we can find it on many terraces, balconies or rooftops to give them a more natural and attractive appearance.

In this blog post we will tell you why artificial grass is the ideal option to upgrade your balcony or terrace.

1. It gives it a more lively and natural look

Instead of placing your tables and chairs on a cold floor, artificial grass will give your terrace a colorful touch to distinguish it from the rest. It will give it a pleasant and unique appearance.

2. It makes it more accessible and appealing

If you have a nice and green balcony or terrace, you will definitely want to spend more time on it. You can sit down to read or have a cold drink or just enjoy the space. You will thus be able to enjoy the external areas of your home much better.

3. It withstands temperature changes well

In summer, artificial grass absorbs less heat than asphalt or some other soils so it is quite cool.

In winter, it is nice to sit on it since it does not retain as much moisture as natural grass, for example, and it is soft and fluffy.

4. It has great drainage capacity

Turfgrass artificial grass has a drainage capacity of 60 liters per minute and square meter so you can keep calm even if it rains a lot because your balcony or terrace will not flood.

5. Very low maintenance

In addition to providing a fresh and attractive appearance, artificial grass is very advisable since it requires practically no maintenance. No need to water it, cut it or use fertilizers. An occasional hosing down or sweep with a broom will do the trick in case your terrace or balcony starts to look a little dirty.

We suspect that after reading this you cannot wait to brighten up your balcony or terrace by adding a touch of greenery such as artificial grass. Feel free to ask us for samples or contact an official Turfgrass installer.

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