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5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Artificial Grass In Spring

5 tips to take care of your artificial grass in spring

More and more people are encouraged to install artificial grass in their homes thanks to the wide range of advantages it offers. Nowadays, the artificial grass qualities have a very natural appearance, so that the differences with natural grass are practically imperceptible.

With the arrival spring and hopefully some good weather, there are some aspects to take into account when taking care of artificial grass. By doing so its lifecycle is extended and it will remain in perfect condition with the corresponding appearance.

How to care for artificial grass in spring

Pay attention to the following tips to take care of artificial grass in spring:

  • Dirt and debris: to remove any type of residue from the lawn, such as dry leaves, debris or food rests, it is best to use a rake. This way you drag the dirt without tearing the lawn or spoiling it. In case of stains or dust, you can easily use a hose with pressurized water and a soft brushing to get your artificial grass clean again.
  • Rain: in some areas spring is especially rainy. When your artificial grass is installed by a certified installer, drainage will be taken into account. Your installer will prepare the installation surface before he installs your artificial lawn. Turfgrass artificial grass is also equipped with special drainage holes to make sure the residual water finds its way into the ground.
  • Furniture: if during spring you want to place outdoor furniture on your artificial grass to enjoy the good weather, you can do so without worries. However, when installing the furniture, remember to move it without dragging so it does not cause damage to the fibers.
  • Barbecue: in spring barbecues in the garden or on the terrace of the house are very common. To protect your artificial lawn, it is best to place a protective material underneath and around the barbecue. If embers fall on the artificial grass, burn marks may remain.
  • Weeds: and, finally, to avoid weeds, especially if we install artificial grass on land, it is recommended to place a weed barrier when installing your artificial lawn. Our Turfgrass installers are fully aware of this, so if you decide to work with one of them for the installation in your garden or on your terrace you will not have to worry about weeds.

If you take these tips into account you will be able to enjoy your artificial grass carefree to the fullest for a long period of time.

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