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Advantages Of Buying Artificial Grass From A European Manufacturer

Advantages of buying artificial grass from a European manufacturer

1. The quality standards are based on European regulations

Therefore, you can be completely sure that the purchased product is safe. On the other hand, a product purchased outside of Europe may offer a manufacturing process and legal specifications that comply with current regulations in the country of origin but not in our country.

At Turfgrass we are innovative European manufacturers of artificial grass with a lot of experience in the design, production and distribution of artificial grass. We work with the most advanced materials to ensure that you receive a premium quality product at an affordable price.
Our factories meet the highest quality standards, safety measures and control procedures.

2. Generates wealth and employment in Europe

At Beaulieu International Group, to which Turfgrass belongs, we have more than 20 factories in Europe that provide jobs for more than 3,000 people, allowing us to create wealth in our society.
Our location is ideal to supply the entire European market. The most important artificial grass manufacturing plants are located in Spain and Belgium, very close to you.

3. We offer a local product, minimizing the environmental impact

By having two production plants in Europe we can serve the entire European market easily, quickly and in the most efficient way possible.
Unlike grass from outside of Europe, which generates much more CO2 emissions when transported to different European countries, since it has to travel many more kilometers.

4.Accessibility and proximity in case of questions or need for assistance

If you buy a Turfgrass product, surely there is someone willing to assist you in your language on the other end of the phone, so you can solve your doubts or make a claim. Although we trust that you will be happy with both our product and our installation service since we have an experienced and very reliable dealer network.
You can see more about our dealer network here:

5.Turfgrass has Polyurethane backing, this is one of its differentiating elements

Turfgrass products are equipped with a unique PU finish that is strongly adhered to the fibers of the grass. Withstands all kinds of extreme circumstances during installation, such as cold, humid or hot weather. The PU finish guarantees you a high quality product with a longer lifespan than that of lower quality latex products.

You can see all the advantages of Polyurethane here:

6.In addition, at Turfgrass we produce our own yarn

Producing our yarn gives us freedom when designing our products, as well as greater responsiveness to meet market needs and less dependence on yarn suppliers.
We are capable of developing new shapes and colors to meet market needs the moment they are discovered. In addition, we source raw materials (polymers, colorants and color stabilizers) of the highest quality so that you can enjoy an innovative European product of the best quality at a reasonable price.

If you want to check our benefits you can request a sample or contact one of our dealers here:

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