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Advantages Of Combining Artificial Grass With Wood

Advantages of combining artificial grass with wood

Artificial grass provides many possibilities in exterior decoration. It is regularly seen installed in gardens, balconies or terraces on its own but a combination that manifests great beauty and cannot be unseen is artificial grass combined with wood.

There are many possibilities to create this union between two elements that reflect nature and give a magnificent atmosphere to any area. In this post we will show you some of them.

How to combine artificial grass and wood?

Artificial or synthetic grass can be combined in many ways: with asphalt, with stones … and also with wood, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful possible decorations.

The possibilities of combining artificial grass and wood are endless. Some examples are:

  • To create a path that passes through the lawn to a certain area. For example, from the entrance of the facility to the door of the house.
  • To form a small outdoor dining area. In a garden of artificial grass you can install a small platform to place a table and a few chairs to enjoy a snack or a meal outside.
  • To place the barbecue upon. We highly recommend you to install a wooden platform for your barbecue, since this looks very nice and you also prevent your artificial grass from getting damaged by any burning elements from the barbecue.
  • Around the pool: Why not combine a running and playing area in artificial grass for the children and a wooden terrace to put sun loungers and garden furniture on?

  • For decorative purposes: At the headboard, on walls or to decorate the office entrance as you can see at the Turfgrass headquarters.

In short, the possibilities to combine wood and artificial grass are almost endless! This way your house can look 100% natural and it will also have an incredible aesthetic appeal.

If you want to request samples, a quotation or more information you can contact us.

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