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Artificial Grass For Paddle Courts

Artificial grass for paddle courts

Paddle is becoming more and more popular every day. While people in Spain can hardly think this beloved sports away from their daily activities, in the rest of Europe, we are slowly getting to know this racquet sports as a fusion of squash and tennis. With its growing popularity, the demand for paddle courts is also increasing. Artificial grass is known to be the most frequently used type of surface for paddle courts. However, why exactly? What are the benefits of choosing artificial grass as a playing surface? Turfgrass artificial grass offers you a range of high quality products, certified by both the Spanish Paddle Federation (FEP) as well as the international Tennis Federation (ITF).

Different floor types for paddle courts

The International Paddle Federation (IPF) approves several kinds of playing surfaces, as long as they provide a regular bounce and avoid the accumulation of water:

  • Porous concrete: this type of surface has pores, through which water can be drained.
  • Cement: cement is very smooth and will cause the ball to roll faster and bounce higher. This is why cement is not chosen very often as a surface for a paddle court.
  • Synthetic materials, such as resins: they encompass a great variety of finishes and are used in tournaments, as they allow a better friction on the faster and slower bounces of the ball.
  • Artificial turf: this is the most common and long-lasting type of surface. It allows a slower speed game. There are of course different types of artificial turf.

Advantages of using artificial turf on your paddle court

Artificial grass is a lot softer than other possible surface types for paddle courts, such as concrete or cement. This is a great advantage for players, since they can experience pain in their ankles, back and knees from the running and jumping around on hard surfaces. This kind of pressure is evaded by playing on an artificial grass surface.
Additionally, the artificial grass makes sure that the ball does not bounce too high and too quick. This fact results in a better experience for players. Especially when sand is applied to the artificial grass, the playing experience enhances further.

Not to mention the fact that Turfgrass artificial grass offers several very attractive colours within its paddle range. This will make your paddle court looking its best at all times!

Maintenance of the artificial turf of your paddle court

The maintenance of the artificial grass of your paddle court depends on several factors, such as the type of artificial turf, the frequency of use, climate conditions, sand type, humidity, etc. Certain maintenance tasks will remain necessary to avoid the artificial turf to lose its characteristics:

  • Regular cleaning of the surface by sweeping it or hosing it down
  • Brushing and ventilation of the silica sand
  • Prevention actions to avoid contamination due to fungus and weeds
  • Replacement or replenishment of the silica sand
  • Control and verification of joints

Turfgrass artificial grass for paddle

Certified by the Spanish Paddle Federation (FEP) and the international Tennis Federation (ITF), the Turfgrass products answer to all your quality needs concerning artificial grass for paddle courts. The fibres, used in Turfgrass tennis and paddle artificial grass, are anti-slip with the best performance and highest comfort in terms of ball rebound, surface uniformity, coefficient of restitution and friction, wear resistance and ball speed. It guarantees the best playing experience!

The Turfgrass product line is suitable for indoor and outdoor courts, with or without drainage. Our varied product line will meet the needs and budgets of both large facilities as well as private owners perfectly.

Are you curious about our certified paddle products? Have a look at our website and discover which product and colour suits your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or would like to receive samples.

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