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Whether you’re just starting out as an artificial grass installer or you’re already seasoned in the field, becoming a Turfgrass installation partner will help you grow your business.

  • local leads from the Turfgrass network
  • easy access to high-quality artificial grass
  • fast product delivery
  • reliable business partner
  • elaborate support 
Artificial grass by Turfgrass - Installation of artificial grass

Turfgrass Grass Academy

Take a deep dive into the world of artificial grass with a theoretical and practical training covering topics from product composition, production process to installation techniques. 

  • masterclass certification
  • certified installer qualification
  • member of our trained professionals  network 

Learn from the best to offer your customers the lawn they’ve always dreamt of.

Turfgrass Certified Partner Programme

Drive business success – become a Certified Partner. Our seal of approval assures customers that they’re dealing with a quality-focused artificial grass expert. You’ll get:  

  • easy access to top-quality artificial grass
  • more local leads
  • sales, marketing and technical support

Good to know: a Silver, Gold or Platinum partnership comes with extra exclusive benefits.

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Artificial grass by Turfgrass - Installed by professionals

Only at Turfgrass: fully customisable artificial grass

Can’t find what your customer wants in our artificial grass collections? At Turfgrass, you’re not limited to our standard product offer. We control the entire manufacturing process: from raw material selection to yarn extrusion, backing technique and finishing – which means you can have unique artificial grass developed, entirely tailored to your customers’ needs.

Some of our on-demand opportunities 

  • Primary backing: normal woven, woven with fleece, double woven, sewn …
  • Secondary backing: resin, latex based, polyurethane, fire retardant … 
  • Yarn type: fibrillated tape, thatch yarn, straight monofilament, textured …
  • Yarn material: PP, PE, bicomponent …
  • Yarn additives: UV, pigments, antioxidants, flame retardants …
  • Tufting: number of stitches per 10 cm, number of filaments per stitch, pile height …

Artificial grass collections for every application

Leisure & landscaping

A low-maintenance lawn that looks perfectly green in every season? That’s our promise with our leisure & landscaping collection.


A durable and safe artificial grass sports field that meets international sporting standards? You’ll find it in our innovative sports collection.


Artificial grass that elevates your venue and leaves a lasting impression on your visitors? Discover our collection for all-round events.

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Looking for more information about a particular application? Request a dedicated brochure about leisure & landscape, sports and/or events.

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