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9 advantages of artificial grass vs. natural grass

9 advantages of artificial grass that bring peace and tranquillity to your home Artificial grass is gaining ground in gardens,…

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Delight guests with artificial grass at your hotel or B&B

How artificial grass at your hotel or B&B leaves a lasting impression on your guests Don’t underestimate the importance of…

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5 tips for a low-maintenance garden

As much as you love relaxing in a perfectly maintained garden, keeping it in a pristine state can be a…

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Installing artificial grass yourself: avoid these 10 DIY mistakes

How hard can it be to install artificial grass? Many do-it-yourself enthusiasts want to keep costs down – and confidently…

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3 reasons why an artificial grass lawn is superior for sports

Using your yard as your own personal sports arena sounds great, right? But the resulting damage to your grass lawn…

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Artificial grass: 6 myths debunked

Looking forward to all the hard labour required to get (and keep) your lawn in shape? Can’t wait to take…

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Checklist: which artificial grass should you choose for your lawn?

A quick online search is enough to make it clear that there are numerous types of artificial grass. Deciding on…

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Artificial grass: great for a wide variety of applications

More and more people are making the switch to artificial grass. The advantages of artificial grass, including a stunning look,…

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What is the best length or pile height for artificial grass?

When choosing the perfect artificial grass for your project, there are lots of things to consider: resilience, colour and density,…

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Advantages of buying artificial grass from a European manufacturer

1. The quality standards are based on European regulations Therefore, you can be completely sure that the purchased product is…

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Why Turfgrass is the best artificial grass for children

If you have children, grandchildren or nephews, you are probably very concerned about their health and safety and you want…

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Turfgrass artificial grass for football

Artificial football pitches are gaining more popularity every day. Not only for sports clubs, but also for schools, universities and…

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