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Can Artificial Turf Be Combined With Trees And Plants?

Can artificial turf be combined with trees and plants?

Can artificial turf be combined with trees and plants?

One of the concerns that those who want to install artificial turf in their garden can have is: can artificial grass be combined with trees and natural plants?

The answer is yes! Artificial grass is a very high quality option that can help your garden look much more radiant and beautiful. And it is absolutely compatible with natural trees or plants. We guarantee that your garden will have a very original look.

How to combine artificial grass with natural trees

If artificial grass is installed in your garden, the trees will not be affected at all. Synthetic grass does not damage the roots, nor the flowers of the plants, nor the way the trees grow.

Of course, there are several points that you should take into account if you are going to install synthetic grass in your garden.

The first thing we would recommend you is to choose an artificial grass product that has a more natural look. It is preferable to go for a product that contains shades of green and brown, as this will combine far better with trees than bright green or differently colored artificial grass products.

Furthermore, it is important that you hire a professional to install the artificial grass you have chosen, because he can properly prepare the ground. There is a risk that wild herbs grow under your artificial grass, which would result in lumps underneath the carpet. Therefore, the ideal is to place a weed barrier underneath, which can also be very good for draining purposes. Our professional Turfgrass installers take into account all these aspects. They will also make sure that the soil is perfectly smooth to install the artificial grass rolls and will measure everything, taking into account the position of trees and plants. You will not have to worry about anything.

Where to install artificial turf?

Artificial grass is suitable for all types of gardens. You will probably have noticed more than one landscaping project using artificial grass combined with trees and natural plants. Even statues or other decorative elements can be implemented.

The most important factor is to achieve a magnificent result that gives you all the advantages of artificial grass so you can enjoy the garden you have always dreamed of at an affordable price!

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