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Artificial grass is loved by many for its attractive advantages. Read on and discover all of them below.

Most natural look

Artificial grass has evolved from an artificial to a natural looking alternative for real grass lawns. High-quality fibers and product components guarantee a realistic look for your lawn and it stays green all year long.

Apart from its true natural colours, artificial grass offers the additional advantage of being resistant to stains and holes, making it a pet-friendly solution for your garden.

Low maintenance

Contrary to a natural lawn, an artificial grass lawn doesn’t need mowing, watering or trimming. This makes it the ideal solution for:

  • People with little time
  • Holiday home owners
  • Elderly people that can’t physically mow their lawns


It goes without saying that an artificial grass lawn does not need watering besides occasional sprinkling for cooling when the outside temperature is hot. Nor does it need to be fertilized or sprayed with insecticides for maintenance. This of course results in a low environmental impact.

At Turfgrass we further lower the environmental impact of our artificial grass by making it 100% recyclable. In addition, we minimise our ecological footprint during production by reducing the use of water or additives to a strict minimum.


Despite the higher initial investment, the lifecycle cost of artificial grass is lower than the one of natural grass.

A study has proven that you already benefit from a lower total expenditure after one year, since you have less maintenance and water consumption costs. Furthermore, you don’t need to invest in expensive gardening tools or maintenance staff.

And all that additional spare time comes for free with your new artificial grass lawn.

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