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Why choose Turfgrass?

Are you wondering why you should choose Turfgrass artificial grass? We are innovative, European manufacturers with a lot of experience in designing, producing and distributing artificial grass all over the world. We work with the most advanced materials to ensure that you receive a premium quality product at an affordable price.

Extensive range of designs

Turfgrass offers an extensive product line with various natural-looking designs for landscaping purposes or sports and even the option to customize your artificial grass. Within our landscaping collection, we offer artificial grass that is suited for not only gardens, but also terraces, balconies, patios or rooftops. Our collection contains a variety of colours and pile heights, starting from 20 mm or 30 mm for low-pile lovers, to 40 mm for people preferring high-pile artificial grass.

We produce artificial grass for sports purposes, such as paddle, tennis, football, multisport and golf as well.

Lastly, Customgrass, an exclusive range of Turfgrass products, offers you the opportunity to customize your own grass.

Have a look at our extensive range of products here.

European manufacturer from start to finish

The complete product portfolio of Turfgrass is designed, engineered and produced in Europe. We produce the entire Turfgrass collection under one roof, independent from non-European suppliers. We even produce our own yarns in our top-of-the-line yarn extrusion facility. This keeps us in control of every step of the manufacturing process, allowing us to provide the highest quality and most advanced materials on the market.

Innovative PU backing

Our Turfgrass products are equipped with a unique PU (polyurethane) backing that is strongly attached to the grass fibres. It withstands all kinds of extreme circumstances during installation, such as cold, wet or hot weather. Our PU backing guarantees you a high-quality product with a longer lifespan than the one of Chinese products.

Suitable for pets

Turfgrass products are perfectly suitable for pets. The innovative PU backing of Turfgrass ensure a perfect tuft lock. Pets playing, running or rolling in the grass will not affect the durability or look of your artificial grass.

Turfgrass artificial grass is also very easy to keep clean by rinsing it or sweeping it. Furthermore, thanks to the PU backing, it doesn’t absorb moisture or urine and thus reduces odour issues to a minimum. This unlike regular latex backings.

Experienced installation team

Our experienced and certified group of installers ensures a perfect installation of your Turfgrass artificial grass.

Find your Turfgrass installer here.

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