Specialised artificial grass for business and events

Amaze visitors to your office, trade fair, business or any other event with a warm welcome and unique venue. With Turfgrass artificial grass, your venue won’t just be easy to maintain, it will also look more stunning than ever before. Choose from our diverse collection of fire-retardant products or put the art into artificial grass with our Customgrass collection.

  • unique look and feel
  • fire-retardant for indoor use
  • UV resistant and colour fast for outdoor use
  • fast delivery
  • after-sales support 
Artificial grass by Turfgrass - Nature

Stand out from the crowd with branded artificial grass

If you’re dreaming of one-of-a-kind advertising and brand communication concepts to spruce up your business or event spaces, you’ve come to the right place. Customgrass offers an extravaganza of colours, patterns, designs and customisations to create memorable branded messages. 

Incorporate your corporate logo in an artificial grass carpet at your reception desk. Recreate the distinct design of your best-selling product on a grass wall in your meeting room. Or make other exhibitors go green with envy of your colourful – and extremely soft to walk on – booth floor at the next trade fair. 

Super soft safety with Xtinguish artificial grass

Combine maximum safety with an amazing look and soft touch with our Xtinguish collection. Available in multiple colours – green, black, white, and red, these innovative artificial grass products have fire-retardant qualities which reduce the spread of flames and smoke.

To protect your co-workers, clients, and property in your indoor spaces or event locations, Xtinguish is your safest bet. It’s the first high-pile artificial grass that’s compliant with all safety and fire regulations, while requiring no effort to install.

Create your own Customgrass design 

Let your imagination run wild. The possibilities are endless:

  • choose from 16 different colours
  • combine up to 6 colours in the same design
  • designs can measure up to 4 x 40 metres in a single piece
  • choose the thickness of your foam finish: 6 or 12 mm 
  • and so much more

Ready to put the art in artificial grass?

Artificial grass by Turfgrass - Customgrass

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9 pros of artificial vs natural grass

Artificial grass is gaining ground in gardens, sports centres and hotels worldwide because of its many advantages vs. natural grass.

Artificial grass by Turfgrass - Golden Max

Soil, concrete, wood, brick, plastic; you name it, we can lay artificial grass on it – as long as you have a level area with good drainage.


While natural grass quickly loses its appeal after heavy rainfall, a dry spell in summer or a playful dog’s digging adventure, artificial grass emerges from those risky situations like a champ.

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