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How To Make Your Garden Summer-proof In 6 Steps

How to make your garden summer-proof in 6 steps

Summer… Lounging in the garden with a good book, having a summer drink with friends, throwing a barbecue… Who does not love this wonderful season with its constant vacation vibe? Of course, the last thing you want to bother with is hours of gardening in the heat. Luckily, when you have artificial grass in your garden, on your terrace or on your rooftop, you do not need to bother with a lot of maintenance to make sure your lawn is summer-proof. We have some basic tips for you, to make sure you can enjoy your garden to the fullest. Curious? Keep on reading to discover them!

1. Give your artificial grass a good sweep

If you want to prepare your garden, terrace or rooftop for some relaxation time, we advise you to give your artificial grass a sweep just before the good weather starts and repeat this once a month. Even for the more lazy people, this is manageable and your garden will look its absolute best. If you are planning to have a party, be sure to clean up the debris afterwards. By doing this, your garden is always ready to receive guests. We recommend using a blower or a broom. Avoid using a rake, since this can damage your artificial grass.

Sweeping your artificial grass with a broom might also be a good idea to avoid a neglected look. After a lot of traffic, the fibers of your artificial grass may lay down a little bit. When you decide to put the garden furniture on your artificial lawn, the fibers can be pushed down completely. Do not worry, thanks to its excellent flexibility, you can simply get the grass fibers back up by brushing your lawn with a stiff broom.

2. Hose it down now and then

Hosing your artificial grass down occasionally is a good idea to keep dust and other dirt away. It will also help to cool down your grass, so you can walk on it without fearing it will be too hot for your bare feet. Artificial grass tends to get a little bit hotter when the sun shines on it the whole day. You might ask yourself if all these hours of sunlight in summer are beneficial for your lawn. We have good news for you. Sunlight is not harmful for your grass and our Turfgrass artificial grass has UV protection and extensive warranties to guarantee that you will be able to enjoy your artificial grass for a good while.

Getting the hose out is generally also a good idea when you have pets. You should make a habit of cleaning the spots where your pets prefer to do their thing regularly. It will keep your grass from developing an unpleasant smell.

Of course, if you live in an area that is not completely deprived of rain in summer, you might let the rain do your job for you. A good rain shower can already be enough to wash the dust and dirt away.

3. Add some shaded areas to your gardenAlthough you can cool down your artificial grass with the hose, you can also add some shade to your garden if you plan on entertaining guests. It is much more pleasant when it is hot outside to sit under an umbrella or a big tree in the shade. It will also make sure that the sun does not heat up your artificial grass in these areas.

4. Be careful with fire

In summer, having a barbecue party is one of the most popular activities. It is the best combination of having friends and family over and enjoy some good food. When you have a garden where artificial grass is installed, we do recommend you to reconsider your barbecue area. Artificial grass cannot withstand any sort of fire or hot items that fall into the grass. It will melt and you will be left with scorch marks. Therefore, the ideal solution is to put the barbecue on your terrace, which is provided with tiles or any other kind of hard material. You could also put the barbecue in the garden, if you foresee a barbecue carpet. This also gives you the advantage of easily cleaning up the area in case you drop some food residuals around the barbecue.

5. Keep weeds at bay

It is recommended to check your artificial grass occasionally for weeds, especially at the seams. However, when a certified professional installs your Turfgrass artificial grass, the soil is usually prepared with a geo-textile fabric and this prevents the growth of weeds substantially. Therefore, this will not require much effort.

6. Choose a professional installer

In addition, we would like to stress the fact that you should hire a certified installer to tend to your artificial lawn (you can read the exact reasons why in this article). A professional installer will prefer to use rounded and dry silica sand as infill for your artificial grass. This has two functions: maintain the grass fibers straight up and cool down the grass. Silica sand is able to absorb moisture and cold when it refreshes at night and when the temperature drops. This coolness is transferred to the artificial grass fibers, allowing it to be kept cool for longer during the day. This is very important in regions where the sun shines the whole day and where it gets very hot. This way, you can avoid overheating of your artificial lawn.

If you respect these 6 tips, you will be able to enjoy your artificial grass to the fullest during the summer season, with minimal effort. We guarantee you it will be worth it!

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