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Play Your Cards Right: Artificial Grass Is The Perfect Solution For A Playground

Play your cards right: artificial grass is the perfect solution for a playground

If you have a terrace, a patio or a playground for children in your house, it is a great idea to have artificial grass installed.

Contrary to natural grass, which is a natural habitat for many insects and bacteria, synthetic grass offers the best conditions for children to enjoy a playground.

What are the advantages of artificial grass for children? We will tell you:

Advantages of artificial grass to create a playground

A playground can be created in many ways, depending on its size: by adding a carpet, sand, natural grass… but without a doubt the healthiest option for children is artificial grass. It combines many advantages:

1. A soft place to fall

We all know children love to play in risky ways enjoying a complete feeling of freedom. But accidents are just around the corner. What better way to prevent accidents without limiting their freedom and imagination than installing artificial grass on the playground. The artificial grass surface is soft and comfortable. In case someone falls they will not get hurt as they would on concrete or another type of hard surface.

2. Protection against bacteria and insects

Spiders, ants, fungi … and a whole other variety of bugs live on the lawn of any urbanization. If you are looking for a sting and bite free area for your children to play, artificial grass is the solution. It’s free from bacteria and doesn’t contain any toxic elements, so a safe bet for playgrounds.

3. Most comfortable surface to play with a ball

One of the most popular games amongst children on a playground certainly is football. Artificial grass offers the perfect surface to play football. Perfectly even to keep the ball rolling and a lot softer than concrete in case someone falls.

4. Customgrass, an even better idea

Customgrass is a tufted product that allows you to combine colors to create specific designs and logos. It offers an option of 12 mm foam finish, with HIC certification, which provides maximum comfort when walked upon. This finish allows you to create not only a safe environment for children, which is compliant with the regulations for playground areas, the Customgrass carpet also looks stunning. From 16 colours, you can choose up to 6 combined colours to create your own design. Your children will absolutely love it!

We at Turfgrass encourage you to bet on artificial grass for your playground. We are sure the children will enjoy it and thank you for it.

Have a look at some of the best choices for your playground:


Customgrass PU Foam 6 mm Agora Goya Light Apple
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