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Laguna Apple

A symbiosis in colours and yarn

30 mm

Laguna consists of a combination of 5 unique colours and is totally unique in the market because of its perfect symbiosis between monofilament and texturized yarn. This perfect match translates into an excellent balance between softness and recovery.

From the same family as Goya and Preto, Laguna was also manufactured with a new monofilament and texturized yarn, created by Beaulieu International Group.

Technical Specifications

  • Gauge: 3/8″
  • Material: 65% PE – 35% PP
  • Pile weight (g/m²): 1390
  • Pile height (in mm): 30
  • Total product height (in mm): 32
  • Total product weight (g/m²): 2170
  • Backing type: Polyurethane
  • Standard roll length: 25 m
  • Standard roll width: 2 m
  • Fire classification: Efl
  • Colour(s): 5 colours
  • Status: Product available in standard collection
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