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Why Turfgrass?

As innovative manufacturers, we have built a long-standing experience in the design, production and distribution of premium quality artificial grass and enjoy a strong reputation throughout Europe.

We assure the highest quality as we only work with the most advanced materials on the market.

European manufacturer

We do all our research, development and manufacturing in Europe.

We produce the entire Turfgrass collection under one roof. This keeps us in control of every step of the manufacturing process, allowing us to provide the highest quality and most advanced materials on the market.

100% European, from yarn to finished product

Turfgrass is extremely proud that, thanks to their state-of-the-art yarn extrusion factory, we control the entire production process from yarn extrusion to distribution. It is now possible to say that the complete product portfolio of Turfgrass is designed, engineered and produced in Europe. By combining the manufacturing operations with the sourcing of raw materials and the distribution, Turfgrass can be 100% innovative and quality focused.

Making use of the latest extrusion technology to produce our yarns, we are able to offer a unique range of shapes and colours. This results in products of the highest and most reliable quality on the market and gives us full flexibility when designing our product offer.  This has led to the creation of a unique and contemporary collection of products and gives us the possibility to develop on-demand products in close collaboration with our professional customers.

Quality starts with the raw materials and we use only the highest grade polymers and UV-stabilizers. We conduct extensive quality checks before, during and after the production process to deliver excellent durability and performance and ensure a 100% trustworthy warranty.

Innovative PU backing

The backing of our artificial grass consists of a homogeneous coating of polyurethane, ensuring a perfect welding required for top-of-the-range artificial turf. Our PU backing guarantees you a high-quality product with a longer lifespan than the one of Chinese products.

There are many advantages to the Turfgrass PU backing:

  1. Superior tuft lock for improved resistance to wear and tear.
  2. Excellent water-resistance for extreme durability
  3. Lighter, more flexible and easier to install
  4. Remains flexible, regarding the weather conditions.
  5. Suitable for pets: no absorption of urine, which reduces odour issues.
  6. More ecological: absence of water, additives and antifungals during the production process.

Certified partner program

To reward our most loyal customers, we designed a certified partner program. By joining this program, you improve your products, service and you will have the right tools to serve your customers.

Grass Academy training

The Turfgrass Certified Partner program, given in our professional Grass Academy, helps you to perfect your installation skills and will lead to an outstanding experience for your customers and thriving artificial grass business for you.

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