Specialised artificial grass for sports fields

The secret to a long-lasting artificial grass sports field any player will enjoy lies in high-quality materials, expert design and flawless installation. Turfgrass’ artificial grass collections for sports fields tick every box for every kind of sport.

  • market-leading performance
  • meet international sporting standards
  • suit any size or shape of sports field 
  • fast delivery 
  • after-sales support 
Artificial grass by Turfgrass for football

Artificial grass adds value to your sports field

Artificial grass for sports fields allows for consistent, high-level playing conditions all year long, even in winter and when intensively used. The high durability combined with low maintenance costs means a significant financial boost. Turfgrass artificial grass enables you to host more games more often – you can rest assured that it performs as great as it looks.

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Artificial grass by Turfgrass for padel

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9 pros of artificial vs natural grass

Artificial grass is gaining ground in gardens, sports centres and hotels worldwide because of its many advantages vs. natural grass.

Artificial grass by Turfgrass - Golden Max

Soil, concrete, wood, brick, plastic; you name it, we can lay artificial grass on it – as long as you have a level area with good drainage.


While natural grass quickly loses its appeal after heavy rainfall, a dry spell in summer or a playful dog’s digging adventure, artificial grass emerges from those risky situations like a champ.

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