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Take Care Of The Environment And Choose Turfgrass!

Take care of the environment and choose Turfgrass!

Turfgrass artificial grass has many advantages. It requires little maintenance, which saves a lot of time and effort and on the long run, it’s more economical than natural grass. But what most people don’t realize, is that our artificial grass is also environmentally friendly. If you can support the environment by simply installing artificial grass, then what’s not to like?

Save water, choose Turfgrass artificial grass

One of the reasons why Turfgrass takes care of the environment is because its substantial water savings.

It goes without saying that artificial grass, as opposed to natural grass, doesn’t need watering. Internationally, it is estimated that we use 8-10 liters of water per person per day to sprinkle 1 m² of natural grass. This means that we each spend 2920 – 3650 liters of water per year on our lawn. By installing Turfgrass artificial grass, this huge amount of water and the money it costs, can be spend elsewhere to your own likes.

An additional problem with our high consumption of water for the garden is that our summers become hotter and dryer every year, meaning that we also need more water to prevent our lawn from dying. During long periods of drought, the governments in some countries even pose a ban on watering the garden, turning our gardens nevertheless into a bare wasteland. Sometimes, the grass is irreparably damaged and does not grow back; resulting in a rather sad and barren garden for you and your family. With Turfgrass artificial grass you will be able to enjoy a lush and green lawn without worries. And on top of these benefits, you don’t have to spend time maintaining your lawn in any way. Sit back, relax and enjoy a natural looking, ever green lawn.

No pesticides or fertilizers

Next to the fact that artificial grass doesn’t need watering, it also doesn’t need to be fertilized or sprayed with pesticides. This makes a big difference in caring for the environment, since these harmful chemical products can no longer penetrate into the groundwater, streams, rivers and eventually the ocean, thus reducing the environmental impact of your lawn to almost zero.

You can also rest assured that your grass is completely safe. All our artificial grass products are 100% non-toxic and lead-free, making them perfectly safe for all persons and pets.

Help reduce air pollution

A lawnmower or -trimmer, like every mechanical device that runs on some kind of fuel, releases a certain amount of emission into the environment when we are mowing or trimming our lawn. This emission further deteriorates our air quality, causing our health to be compromised. By installing Turfgrass artificial grass, you don’t need to mow or trim any longer, thus lowering your CO² emission. Furthermore you don’t have to invest in expensive machinery or the place to store them. Eventually, Turfgrass makes the air we breathe in a little bit cleaner.

Turfgrass likes to contribute as well

Our Turfgrass artificial grass is equipped with an innovative PU backing which does not absorb water and is extremely durable. It remains flexible during all kinds of weather conditions. Drainage holes are foreseen in all our products, allowing water to simply drain through the artificial grass into the surface below. This prevents your lawn from turning into a swimming pool and the soil underneath it is kept moist.

Turfgrass artificial grass is also 100% recyclable. This way we further lower the environmental impact of our artificial grass. In addition, we minimize our ecological footprint during production by reducing the use of water or additives to a strict minimum.

Still hesitating on how to care for the environment using artificial grass? Contact us for more information and receive a sample to see for yourself!

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