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Turfgrass Artificial Grass And Dogs: A Friendship For Life

Turfgrass artificial grass and dogs: a friendship for life

To choose the perfect synthetic grass for your garden, you need to consider many facts. In case you also have a four-legged friend to take into account, the choice becomes even more complicated. Especially if you want your pet to enjoy your artificial lawn to the fullest.

To make the choice easier, we listed the advantages and main characteristics of artificial grass for dogs and the best options below.

Advantages of artificial grass for dogs

Natural grass can pose a risk towards our dear pets. It can easily accumulate bacteria and insects that can affect our pets. Luckily, synthetic grass does not pose any risk. Even more so, it has a lot of other advantages as well:

1. Offers great durability and resistance

Artificial grass is much more resistant to the effects of the sun and other weather conditions than natural grass. So it will remain in a better state for longer, allowing your pets to enjoy the lawn year round with greater comfort.

2. It is not harmful for your pet

Turfgrass artificial grass is not toxic so perfectly suitable for dogs, kids, adults and pets in general. Nor does it cause any type of irritation. Moreover, fungi or other unwanted microorganisms are not likely to appear in artificial grass.

3. Easy to clean and to maintain

Another of the great advantages of artificial grass is that you can clean it easily by hosing it down and it will also maintain its perfect look for many years to come. Even if your dog likes to do his business in the same area, you can just clean that place with warm soapy water and the grass will not discolour or die. In the meantime you can play with your pet without worries. No tripping, discovering barren spots in your lawn or differences in grass heights.

4. Resists wear and dampness well

Natural grass is usually affected by the effects of wear and moisture. As a result the grass loses its original beauty and even dies in some cases. Turfgrass artificial grass is, thanks to its strong carpet backing and great fixation of its fibers into this backing, extremely resistant to wear and offers great drainage capacity. Click here if you want to read more about this particular advantage.

5. It is the ideal surface to play

Artificial grass is suitable for many different applications and areas. It can be installed on terraces, in a yard or in a garden so no matter where, your dog has a space to run, play and have fun.

Turfgrass’ artificial grass has quality certificates that guarantee you a carefree experience. If you have pets and you are looking for a comfortable space for them to play, artificial grass is undoubtedly the answer.

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