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Turfgrass Meets Pets

Turfgrass meets pets

People often wonder what to do with their lawns when they notice that their grass is completely gone on the spots where their beloved dogs ran enthusiastically from side to side to greet an unaware passer-by. Natural grass will disappear when it is repeatedly exposed to heavy traffic, pets’ urine or when it is covered for a while by garden furniture or pools.  Where the grass is damaged, only a brown spot remains with no other solution than to sow new grass and wait for it to grow. By simply installing artificial grass you can avoid all these problems. Turfgrass artificial grass is the ideal solution for you and your pets to fully enjoy your garden without worries. Do you want to know why?

Soft touch for pets

Turfgrass artificial grass is very soft to walk upon. This is the result of the use of polyethylene fibres, which gives the grass a soft touch and a natural look. Artificial grass, as opposed to natural grass, does not lose its soft touch since it does not deteriorate. It doesn’t grow either, so the feeling of comfort remains the same. This is something that not only humans, but also pets can appreciate very much.

Excellent resistance against wear and tear

Turfgrass artificial grass is equipped with an innovative PU backing, ensuring perfect tuft lock. This guarantees that pets playing, running or rolling in the grass will not affect the durability or look of your artificial grass. The fibres are firmly locked and the blades are designed to get back up. And because the grass is artificial, it will not wither and die like real grass.

An additional advantage of our PU backing is that your furry friend doesn’t get in direct contact with the mud and dirt that normally makes up the foundation of a lawn. Pet owners will be relieved to hear that this significantly reduces the muddy trails they have to clean up around the house.

Easy to keep clean

Of course, your lawn may get a little bit dirty in the presence of pets or fallen leaves may accumulate, so once in a while you will have to sweep it. When you experience persistent stains, you can also easily rinse the grass with some water. Your artificial lawn will look as good as new once again.

No unpleasant smells

Thanks to its PU backing, Turfgrass artificial grass for pets doesn’t absorb moisture or urine and thus reduces odour issues to a minimum. This unlike regular latex backings. You can simply remove urine by rinsing the spot with some water. When it has dried up there will be no lingering smell.

Time for the things that really matter

Since you no longer have to mow, trim or water the garden, you can now spend that time doing more pleasant things, like playing with your dog in your soft and green garden! We assure you, your furry friend won’t complain!

Convinced of the benefits of artificial grass, but not sure which product is right for you?

Turfgrass has an extensive collection of artificial grass, with different pile heights, density and colours. All our types of artificial grass are equipped with a PU backing, so the extreme tuft lock is applicable to all of them. The resilience of our artificial grass, however, differs depending on the application. We will answer a few questions below to make the choice a little bit easier:

1. Which pile height should I choose?

If you own a dog, it might be better to stick to a pile height of somewhere between 22 mm – 30 mm. Blades of intermediate height have better resilience than higher pile products. On top of this, short pile grass is also easier to clean and rinse when necessary. Blades of intermediate height have better resilience than higher pile products, so this makes your lawn look very fresh and neat.

2. Does the density make a big difference?

The best artificial grass for dogs tends to possess quite a dense pile, which means that the stitches are close to each other. This dense pile structure will help your artificial lawn withstand foot traffic from dogs and makes sure it doesn’t wear down. Blades of intermediate height have better resilience than higher pile products.

3. Are there other factors that I should include?

Next to pile height and density, we would like to recommend you to choose an artificial grass that you really like, because this investment will remain in your garden for many years! The Turfgrass collection offers a lot of variety on colours. Recently, we even developed the technique to use up to 8 different colours in one product. This way, we have created artificial grass that actually looks like natural grass.

4. Which Turfgrass product would we recommend you?

Golden Class Oak Styx Cactus


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