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Turfgrass Top-quality Artificial Grass

Turfgrass top-quality artificial grass

Turfgrass top-quality artificial grass

If you decide to go with artificial grass for your lawn, you need to keep in mind that there are some quality differences among artificial grass products. It’s true that most artificial grass products look more and more like natural grass, but some characteristics, like the thickness of the fibres and the backing, can determine whether your artificial lawn is mistaken for a natural lawn or just ‘resembles’ real grass.

Turfgrass artificial grass guarantees you top-quality artificial grass that is designed, engineered and produced in Europe. We excel in the product characteristics that really matter. Curious which high-quality product characteristics distinguish us as a producer? Read on to discover them!

The raw materials

If you decide to invest in artificial grass, you’ll want it to last for a long time. Durability and quality start with the raw materials. Turfgrass only works with the most advanced materials on the market to ensure that you receive a premium quality product at an affordable price. We conduct extensive quality checks before, during and after the production process to deliver excellent durability and performance and ensure a 100% trustworthy warranty. On top of that, the complete product portfolio of Turfgrass is designed, engineered and produced under one roof in Europe. This keeps us in control of every step of the manufacturing process. We even have our own top-of-the-line yarn extrusion facility.

Our know-how

We constantly strive to perfect our products. Our new collection (have a look at it here!), is the ultimate proof of that. For this new collection, we engineered a new monofilament fibre and a new texturized yarn, unique on the market and specifically made to create the perfect combination of softness and resilience. We combine 4-5 colours in one product, existing of up to 3 shades of green, shades of beige and shades of brown. Since these colours also appear in real grass, the result is a true-to-nature, exquisitely real product that feels soft to the touch and recovers very fast when pushed down.

Our unique PU backing

Turfgrass artificial grass products are equipped with a double backing. The secondary backing consists of PU (polyurethane), guaranteeing a better lock of the fibres and a longer lifespan than most products that have a latex backing.

Our PU backing has a lot of advantages:

  • PU penetrates and adheres to the tuft more effectively, leading to a better locking of the fibres. As a result, the carpet is more resistant to wear and tear.
  • Excellent water-resistance for extreme durability: there is no deterioration or weakening of the backing due to water contact.
  • Lighter and easier to install: PU is lighter and more flexible than latex, which leads to improved adaptation capacity to land unevenness when installed. It remains flexible, no matter       the weather.
  • Suitable for pets: it does not absorb moisture, so odour issues are kept at a minimum.
  • More ecological: lower water and energy needs during production process and no need for antifungals or additives during production.

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