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What Is The Turfgrass Academy And How Can You Benefit From It?

What is the Turfgrass Academy and how can you benefit from it?

What is the Turfgrass Academy and how can you benefit from it?

If you are thinking about installing artificial grass in your garden, on your balcony or terrace, the installation will be just as crucial as the quality of the product Even the best artificial grass on the market will not look good if you don’t have the knowledge and tools to install it correctly. (you can see vivid examples of bad installations here).

Turfgrass is fully aware of this and, in addition to manufacturing top quality artificial grass, it has a network of perfectly qualified dealers and installers.How are we so sure? Well, because they all meet the standards of our Grass Academy.

Last year Turfgrass created two Grass Academies, one in Spain and one in Belgium, to train artificial grass professionals of various kinds (dealers, installers, gardeners, sellers, etc.) in everything concerning artificial grass such as product knowledge, manufacturing process or installation.

With the creation of the Grass Academy, we undertook a long-term project that aims to create a culture of artificial grass, with professionals who know the sector, the product and how to install it correctly, in order To help offer customers the best service.

The main goal of our Grass Academy is to be in contact with all our collaborators to, on the one hand, be able to train them in all the novelties regarding artificial grass and, on the other hand, share good practices to obtain a relationship of mutual benefit.

In this way, we are sure that, when one of our collaborators goes to your house to install your artificial grass, they will perfectly know how to do it so that you can enjoy the best result.

These installers, in addition to sharing their good practices and tricks, have been able to listen and implement the advice of both Turfgrass and other Turfgrass partners. This establishes a large network of qualified professionals who know exactly how to install the artificial grass to obtain a perfect result and can also solve any problem that may arise at the time of installation.

What does the Turgrass Academy talk about?  

The Turfgrass Academy course is composed of three pillars:

Integral theoretical training where all the characteristics of artificial grass and its correct installation are studied.

In addition, we offer a guided tour of our facilities to see in situ the production process of artificial grass from product design, tufting, To finish and coupon rolls, so that our students can fully understand the studied concept and increase their knowledge on their core business.

A practical training in a real installation area, preparing our students for the most demanding and bizarre jobs. They learn and share tips and tricks on how to get a perfect installation with our Turfgrass artificial grass.

At the end of the course we hand out the certificates to reaffirm mutual commitment and willingness towards the artificial grass market and the Turfgrass Academy.

How can you, as customer, benefit from it?

The Grass Academy of Turfgrass is a method of training and improvement that has already been approved by more than 50 professionals.

With the peace of mind that all these facts provide, you can now check our products and choose the one you like the most, knowing that both the service offered and the installation provided will be excellent.

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