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Why Ask A Professional To Install Turfgrass Artificial Grass?

Why ask a professional to install Turfgrass artificial grass?

Installing your own artificial lawn is not as easy as you might think. It requires a little bit more than the regular DIY skills. It all starts with a decent preparation of the soil. To get the perfect result the joints also need to be seamless. But you also need to take into account the direction of the grass and the quality of the seams if you want your investment to pay off. Installing an artificial lawn badly can end up in a strange-looking garden, as you can see in the following examples:

Source: Practice Sports                                                                  Source: Ecograss

A professional installation will make sure that your investment is worthwhile. A freshly installed lawn by Turfgrass can last for years and can be enjoyed to the fullest as it doesn’t take time to maintain it. Choosing a certified installer will give you following advantages:

  • A certified installer has been approved by the Turfgrass team as an official Turfgrass installer. This implies a certain level of commitment to our brand, knowledge of our products and the needed service towards our customers. Some installers have even successfully passed our Turfgrass Academy. By choosing a Turfgrass certified installer, you can feel confident that the end-result will be to your liking. An experienced installer will have installed artificial grass in a wide range of applications and will know what does and doesn’t work. They know exactly which product suits you and your needs best.

  • Next to the fact that a certified installer has the right knowledge to install your artificial lawn, he also possesses the right installation tools to perfectly install your Turfgrass lawn. These tools consist of specialized equipment that do not normally occur in the toolkit of an amateur handyman. Better to leave this one to the pros, than to invest in those tools yourself. You might be in for a surprise if you thought that buying the needed tools and installing artificial grass yourself is less expensive than hiring a professional.

  • A Turfgrass certified installer will know how to prepare the installation area. Turfgrass artificial grass can be installed on many types of surfaces, but sometimes the preparations that need to be done in advance may differ.

  • A Turfgrass certified installer will help you choose the right artificial grass quality according to your needs and lifestyle and the location it will be placed.
  • When needed, a Turfgrass certified installer will offer you additional advice, even months after your installation was done. Turfgrass also offers a warranty, so you can be rest assured nothing can go wrong with your investment.
  • Asking a professional to do all the work, saves you a lot of time and frustration, especially when you have a big garden. You’ll have confidence and peace of mind, knowing the job will be done right – to the manufacturer’s specifications, and to your personal satisfaction. You also save yourself hours of back-breaking work, since installing artificial grass is a physically tiresome job.

If you agree with us, you will choose a professional Turfgrass installer. Trust us, you will be happy with your decision and with your newly installed perfect lawn!

You can find our Turfgrass certified installers here.

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