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Why Turfgass Artificial Turf Is The Best Flooring Solution For Swimming Pools

Why Turfgass artificial turf is the best flooring solution for swimming pools

Who doesn’t love swimming pools?

Especially during summer they can be our great ally, but we all have experienced the fear of slipping or burning our feet when entering or getting out of them.

Whether you have a private pool, you enjoy a community one or you have a bath in a public pool, you will know how important safety and comfort is to fully enjoy them.

There are many types of flooring to install around swimming pools but, without a doubt, Turfgrass has the best solution for your swimming pool. Do you know why?

Pleasantly soft to walk on with bare feet

Both you and your little ones will enjoy the soft feeling when walking, playing or laying around the pool.

Stands up to intensive use

Cousins, neighbors, children, pets … Turfgrass artificial grass can support them all! Enjoy a pool day with your family and friends without worrying about the appearance of your artificial grass.

It does not deteriorate with chlorine or UV rays

We all love to see green and lush grass throughout the year but unfortunately there are artificial lawns of poor quality that discolor because of chlorine or too much sun. With Turfgrass you don’t have to worry about that. We are European manufacturers who only work with the highest quality products.

Caution! Wet floor

What is more embarrassing than slipping and falling to the ground in front of your family or friends?

If you’ve ever had the feeling of the floor coming out from under you, you know just how easy it is to lose your balance on a slippery floor.

Unfortunately, it is common practice to install any type of flooring around pools without thinking about the possible consequences. Slippery floors can be dangerous for you, your family and your guests. Turfgrass artificial grass takes away your worries since it does not slip and offers great support, no matter wet or dry feet.

It supports the weight of furniture without deteriorating

Those of you who have natural garden will know that summer fun can be quickly undone when you notice the brown spots in your lawn caused by inflatable pools, sunbeds or even a flowerpot. With Turfgrass artificial grass you don’t have to worry about discolored or brown spots. No matter what you place on the grass or how long you leave it there, your lawn will always look green and fresh once you remove it.

It is the most beautiful option and it requires less maintenance

This is a fact, it does not need any further explanation!

Are you already convinced that artificial turf is the best option for your pool? What other type of pavement can you offer all this?

  • Nice and soft touch with bare feet
  • Intensive use
  • Does not deteriorate with chlorine or UV rays
  • It is non-slip, it can be stepped on with wet feet
  • Supports without deteriorating the weight of furniture
  • It is the most beautiful option and the least maintenance requires

Turfgrass has the best artificial grass for swimming pools

Turfgrass has an ideal collection for swimming pools.

We have a wide variety of dense grass, with great recovery and pleasant touch.

Perfect to install around any type of pool: community, individuals, public pools, covers, inflatable, removable, etc.

Contact us and request a quote and samples!

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